Second Finger of Chalkidiki (Sithonia)

One of the most popular summer places in the Northern Greece is Chalkidiki.

Chalkidiki is divided in 3 fingers. While the first one (Kassandra) is more crowded and known for its vivid night life, the second finger (Sithonia) is peaceful, not so touristic and offers a really unique experience if you decide to explore it by boat! Sailing across the finger you will meet numerous beaches with emerald crystal waters and endless sandy shores that will make it hard for you to choose where to drop your anchor first!

If you are about to sail in Chalkidiki’s second finger don’t miss these incredible pieces of paradise on earth!

Ormos Panagias

One of the longest sandy shores of Sithonia is Ormos Panagias. Light blue waters in an exotic and peaceful environment! The bay is shallow enough so be aware and keep a distance from the shore!

Little island of Diaporos

In a very short sailing distance from Vourvourou, you will meet Diaporos. A magnificent small island located on a private bay and surrounded by a natural forest. There is really not a particular beach to choose since every single one of them is simply astonishing! We would suggest to choose the most peaceful one! Don’t worry about your boat, the waters are deep enough all around the island even for large sailing or motor yachts!


Hidden in the best spot of Sithonia and surrounded by huge rocks sculptured by the waves, the three beaches of Kavouritripes is undeniably one of the most astonishing places to drop your anchor in the second finger of Chalkidiki! The majestic emerald water color, the thin golden sand in and out of water and the natural dense forest compose a unique combination that only kavourotripes are able to give you! A must – stop for every sailing trip!


An island located between the second and the third finger of Chalkidiki offers a wide variety of wonderful bays and a top destination to stop by with your yacht! Organised beaches such as Megali Ammos as well as peaceful and quiet shores with cystal clear waters like Nisakia or Alikes will make your cruise around Chlakidiki an unforgettable experience!