Yacht Owners usually are skippers to your travel. In this case you have the opportunity to travel with a skipper who not only knows how to manage his boat perfectly, but he is also the best tour guide for you and can promise you a safe and unforgettable trip.

If you would like to rent a yacht Bareboat you need to have the required license. It is essential to notice that not every boat is able to be rent bareboat. This is defined by the owner and the type of yacht. Furthermore, renting a bareboat yacht means that you don’t have any skipper fees so the total cost of your booking is decreased.

For any yacht over 24 meters (79 feet) it is not allowed to depart without a yacht master and a crew. According to law, this type of yachts always include a crew and a professional captain. Captain and crew are there to offer you a safe and unforgettable travel.