Mykonos island is located almost in the center of the Cyclades complex and the Aegean Sea. Bright and airy in the daylight, charming and mysterious under the glare of the night, Mykonos makes up its cosmopolitan atmosphere in a way that no other island is able to. The exciting, vivid and limitless nightlife, the original and traditional Cycladic architecture all over the island and the crystal waters of Mykonos’s magnificent beaches make the island a unique experience for every traveler! Walking around the countless narrow streets of “Chora” the capital of the Island, where the crowded hours become literally impassable, enjoy the sunset view from the traditional windmills and the well-known “Little Venice” in the upper part of “Chora”, and live the magic of a night out in the island of the winds are just some of the hundreds reasons to visit the island that everyone talks about, Mykonos!

Super Paradise Beach

Super Paradise is considered the absolute beach party scene in Mykonos. If you seek to relax and enjoy the sun and the crystal waters visit Super Paradise in the morning! If you are really social and you looking for some fun, pay a visit to Super Paradise in the afternoon and enjoy the most popular party on the island! This is the place to be!

Psarou Beach

One of the most “premium” and high rated beaches in Mykonos. Lots of sailing and motor boats decide to make a stop to Psarou beach so that they can enjoy its clear waters and make the landscape of Psarou even more beautiful. A large number of restaurants along the beach, serving unique dishes and can meet any taste requirement!

Agios Sostis Beach

 Agios Sostis is one of the last unorganised beaches in Mykonos! Natural, peaceful, quiet and away from crowds, the only “music” in Agios Sostis beach is the sound of the waves. If you want to take a break, relax and escape from the intense life of crowded Mykonos, in a unique sandy beach with crystal clear water, head for Agios Sostis and you won’t be disappointed! Nudists are welcome as well!